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Thank you to our contributors,

This book has developed from photographers, journalists and citizens raising their cameras and capturing a moment of history

Dave Adams, May Allgire, Ann Aurbach, Yvonne Berry, Santiago Bianco, Lawrence Bryant, David Carson,

Julie Chartier Demsko, Robert Cohen, Angie Cunniff, Rostand Darbouze, Erin Delenn McAfee, Jesse Derber, Lindy Drew, Dennis Dufer, Johnetta Elzie, Melissa Fitzgerald, Don Galloway, Jarred Gastreich, Bill Greenblatt, Theresa Harter, Evie Hemphill, Dan Henrichs, Daniell Hill, Dane Iwata, Damion Jackson, Leigh Kolb, Huy Mach, Justin Michalik, Monica Mileur, Aaron Navarro, Dem Neal, Wiley Price, Timothy Rabenberg, Richard Reilly, Roberto Rodriguez, Tawny Ross, Laura Schatzman, Scott Schwartz, Daniel Shular, Steve Sommers, Bryan Sutter, Michael Thomas, Kris Trgovich, Steve Truesdell, Cecilia Velazquez, Jim Vondruska, Matthew Weber, Toby Weiss, Bates Casey Photography, Jamica, Jazz, and Kenny.

We thank you each of you for documenting the narrative of this local incident that made a global impact. 

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